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Details IP : We use Teamspeak to talk to our members and is our main communication tool when not on the forum. If you have Teamspeak already installed please click on the logo at the bottom of the page to connect you to our Teamspeak server automatically.
L3 Server - Member Server Details IP : Port : 2302 Description L3 is a our members server which requires the Arma 3 sync repository to run. This server is where we run our mission nights which are scheduled for every Sunday to commence at 7pm GMT, again these range from a standard patrol of the region of Kunduz, Afganistan (Pictured) to a full scale assault on a enemy position. These missions and their briefs are posted in accordance with the 3PARA Forum, and can be found in the G3 section in which all ranks must announce if they available for deployment on the battlefield. You must be a Forum member in order to post your attendance.
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