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Work with a tactical based team with authentic British gear and advance your battlefield skills


Have what it takes?

Head on over to the Career Office and submit an application. Applicants must be 16+


Think you're a good shoot eh?

Have a go at Loop's challenging rifle range


Love to fly?

Talk to AAC about potential vacancies in their section


Mission Night

New and exciting missions every Sunday at 7pm GMT. Don't forget to join our TS!

Welcome to the 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment Gaming Unit. We are a UK and European based group, using British Army Equipment and Tactics in Bohemia Interactive's ArmA 3. The Gaming Unit operates as A Company (ACOY) 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment Gaming Unit. ACOY currently comprises of 1 Platoon, 2 Platoon, AAC and IFS.


Recruit Training Complete! - Posted 03/08/2015 by Cpl Pana

This weekend recruits have finally completed their 6 part training course to be come fully fledged Privates. Initially this started out as 6 recruits but only 2 have passed Pte Snake and Pte Gonzo. We would like to thanks these newely ranked privates for their total support over the past few weeks for their dedication and patience throughout which has been preserved to the end. This was shown throughout part 6 of training where all of their skills learned really shone through with dynamic team work adapting to the situation at hand with an overwhelming enemy force.

I am truly proud of these privates and look forward to having them in Golf 1-1. Welcome Anti Tank Rifleman Pte Snake and DMR Specialist Pte Gonzo.

If you are interested in becoming a recruit and wish to dedicate your time to tactics, team work and banter. Please feel free to fill out and application form on the Forum.

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New Map Announced at E3! - Posted 21/06/2015 by Pte Snake

This month at E3, Bohemia Interactive launched their new map called Tanoa which is based in the South Pacfic archipelago with a total land mass of over 100km2. Here at 3Para we are extremely excited from the content we have seen and how it will change our battle dynamics when fighting in dense tropical forests as well as it's surrounding man made architecture that dominates the island. Besides the terrain, the new Arma 3 expansion will also include "new vehicles, weapons, attachments and gear, characters, playable content, and more" - Bohemia Interactive. We are most looking forward towards the new weapons and vehicles since previous standalone expansions have been some what limited in terms of content and real life qualities such as ballistics. However, we will have to wait until 2016 before we can get our hands on it. God dammit Bohemia! Check out the screenshots below!

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