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R.I.P. Geoffrey Horne

Our beloved 3PARA member SSgt Mutey died yesterday at 2:15am.

Geoffrey Horne aka “[1SEC 1IC] SSgt Mutey” was one of our longtime devoted members. He was already fighting for years against the cancer that kept pestering him, ao his hearing & speech became impared hence his nickname. He was a big cheerfull bloke, a pasionate father to a son & daughter, and just 2 weeks ago he became a beloved husband.

Newspaper article 1: Wedding.

Newspaper article 2: Gifts.

Newspaper article 3: Married.

Both in reallife and ingame he was a fierce fighter without any complaints. Within 3PARA, he was the most fearsome machinegunner, inspirational 1IC of 1-Section, suportive teammember and real friend to me and many of us.

Mutey has always actively participated in the developments that made 3PARA to what we are now.
He will not be forgotten.

I wish ao his childeren, his wife and his brother, strenght & love handling this terrible loss.
This is a sad day indeed. I salute you M.