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Welcome to the 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment Gaming Unit. We are a UK and European based group, using British Army Equipment and Tactics in Bohemia Interactive's ArmA 3. The Gaming Unit operates as A Company (ACOY) 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment Gaming Unit. ACOY currently comprises of 1 Platoon, 2 Platoon, AAC and IFS.


January Update ! - Posted 11/01/2016 by LCpl Maurice

Hooray! The holiday break is over! At 3Para-GU we're back on track and have got some exciting things coming up! First are foremost this month is the Annual Personal Weapons Test, better known by members as APWT, or RSM Loop's annual get-a-good-score-or-be-fired test! The APWT is only for members of 3PARA-GU and started on January 6th.

Now onto the exciting part: What is planned for the upcoming weeks?

On the 10th of January, Operation 'Mist' Campaign is to kick-off, which is expected to last us several weeks. The nature of this mission is TOP Secret although rumours talk of securing an enemy officer deep in enemy territory! After OP Mist, we're expecting to return to the Hellman region once more, it seems like the Afghan National Army are struggling to keep control of the Sangin area. With some pretty high priority targets, and great distances to travel, we're more then likely to be kept busy for several weeks in Afghanistan!

As for the recruits: The ITC course starts on the 11th of January. The first part is essential, so don't miss it!

That's all for now, we'll keep you updated, so check back soon

Thirsk Winter Campaign - Posted 05/12/2015 by RSM Loop

This weekend 3 Para successfully completed their winter campaign mission located on the remote islands Thirsk in northern Ukraine. The fight was a tough one not only in terms of combat but also through hearts and minds with securing the local rebel alliance. One by one, each town was secured and passed over to the local rebellion government moving ever closer to their final objective. Liberating the hostile airfield which until now was controlled by the invading forces of dictatorship leadership.

Each member of the squadron held their own out there and as a RSM I am truly proud of G1-1 2-1 and all of AAC.

If you are interested in participating in one of our mission nights please feel free to head over to our career page. Recruitment starts early 2016.

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OP Wildfire - Six Part Campaign on Kunduz - Posted 21/11/2015 by Pte Bl2ck Dog

This month, 3 Para have completed a six part series of the liberation of the region of Kunduz from insurgents with the help and support of the Afganistan army. The first two missions were very difficult since intel was sparse and multiple casulties were taken back to base for a fast recovery. However, later on into the campaign things got alot easier with the insurgents losing multiple strongholds within a short space of time. With their morale on the blink of destruction, they envitably lost the final battle and their leader was captured for "questioning".

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