To enhance our experience when playing Arma 3 we use a variety of mods to achieve the realism we are looking for. The following list is our current mod list which can be subscribed to by following the Arma3Sync instructions at the top right of the page. Please bear in mind these can change monthly with new updates and releases.

By subscribing to our Arma3Sync repository this ensures you get the very latest updates and patches. If you do get stuck, feel free to speak to one of our team in our teamspeak server and they will be happy to assist you in the technical support channel.

Mod List - Updated 16/11/2016 by LCPl Snake

3CB: BAF Vehicles - @3cb_baf_vehicles - British Armed Forces Vehicles

3CB: BAF Weapons - @3cb_baf_weapons - British Armed Forces Weapons

3CB: BAF Equipment - @3cb_baf_equipment - British Armed Force Equipment

3CB: BAF Units - @3cb_baf_units - British Armed Force Units

ACE 3 - @ace3 - A Collaborative merger between AGM, CSE and Ace. Gear, Effects Mod and Enchancer

ACEX - @acex - An extention addon for ACE3

Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment (Alive) - @ALiVE - Misson Generator and Features

Advanced Sling Loading - @AdvancedSlingLoading - Adds capability for multiple sling loads

Advanced Rappelling - @AdvancedRappelling - Allows users to rappel of buildings

ASR AI Skills A3 - @ASR-AI3 - Ai Enhancements

Backpack on Chest Mod - @BackpackOnchest - Allows player to place rucksack on fron

Boeing - @Boeing - Add the British Boeing Chinook

Community Base Addons - @cba_a3 - Additional base addons for Multiplayer

CUP Terrains Complete - Remastered Arma 2 Maps and Terrains for Arma 3

DEGA Parachutes - Script for static line jump

The Mighty GAU - @mightygau - Avenger 30mm mod

Kunduz by Project Reality - @prkz - Adds Kunduz, Afganistan map

Project OPFOR - @ProjectOPFOR - Adds enemy AI units to the game

R3F Advance Logistics - @R3FAL - Adds base building capablilites

RHSAFRF - @RHSAFRF - Adds Realistic representation of the Russian military for Arma 3

RHSUSF - @RHSUSF - Adds Realistic representation of the United States military for Arma 3

RHSGREF - @RHSGREF - Adds independant Chernarous Faction with weapons and uniform

Splendid Smoke - @SplendidSmoke - Adds realisitc smoke effects to the game

Sthud a3 - @sthud_a3 - The ShackTac Fireteam HUD is a Situational awareness enhancement

Spyder - @Spyder - Adds interaction tool between AI and players.

Task Force Radio - @task_force_radio - Adds realistic radio. Please download the Teamspeak plugin from the offical Task Force Website.

UK Insignia Pack - @UK_Insiginia_pack - Adds British Insignia's to the game