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on: July 18, 2020, 15:27:32

Who invited you to join the platoon?:n/a

Personal Information

Full Name:sam hainstock
Nick Name:Charlie
Steam Profile:CharlieUNTango

Personal Background

Tell us something about yourself: Won gold in brazilian jiu jitsu last year havew been playing ara 3 for 6 months

Why would you like to join the 3PARA?:milsim opo's

What can you bring to this unit outside gaming?:bants,

Have you been in any other Realism unit before?:no

Which unit?:

What was your role?:

How were you discharged?:

Do you have any military background?:no

What was/is your role?:

Check List

Do you have Teamspeak?:yes

Do you own a working microphone?:yes

Are you willing to spend atleast 4 hours a week on the team?:yes

Are you able to play between 19.00 GMT and 22.00 GMT?:yes

Are you willing to donate to the Clan?:yes

What role do you want to fullfill in 3PARA-GU?:hmg/riflemen

How did you hear about 3PARA-GU?:found myself

Have you read & understand our battalion rules & regulation in the Careers Office?:yes
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Reply #1 on: July 18, 2020, 23:29:30
-Charlie -

Your application has been seen and is under consideration.

A decision will be posted here within 7 days.

To be accepted into the unit you MUST visit our Teamspeak (here: This gives you a chance to get to know our members and let us get to know you. We're a nice bunch and this isn't a scary as it might seem.
Be aware that we are in a summer brake right now so our activity on teamspeak is lower then usual.

If you are unable to visit our Teamspeak within the next 7 days for some reason (work commitments, computer problems etc.) please let us know in this thread otherwise we will assume you have changed your mind.

We can only accept you into the unit if we have met you on Teamspeak

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Reply #2 on: August 04, 2020, 12:31:24
Application is rejected.

We havent really seen you online on TS since your application. Neither have you been on the forum, since you applied.

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