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on: May 24, 2020, 14:55:31

Who invited you to join the platoon?: Nobody

Personal Information

Full Name: Kevin Wilkinson
Nick Name: Wilki
Steam Profile: P15T0N
Age: 34
Country: UK

Personal Background

Tell us something about yourself: I fillet fish for a living, not the most exciting job but I like it. I love anything with an engine, my VW T4 is my daily van but also like 2 wheels, I'll be looking for a new bike next year. I'm new to ArmA 3 and I'm enjoying the campaign modes for now to get to grips with the game. 

Why would you like to join the 3PARA?: I've always wanted something more from gaming. I've played the arcade style shooters and I get bored of them quickly because there's nothing to learn other than run and gun. I'd like to join 3PARA-GU because you are organised and dedicated to the realism side of combat and training. I believe I can learn allot from you all and make some buddies along the way.

What can you bring to this unit outside gaming?: I'm happy to help out with anything I can when needed.

Have you been in any other Realism unit before?: no

Which unit?: N/A

What was your role?: N/A

How were you discharged?: N/A

Do you have any military background?: No

What was/is your role?: N/A

Check List

Do you have Teamspeak?: Yes

Do you own a working microphone?: Yes

Are you willing to spend atleast 4 hours a week on the team?: Yes

Are you able to play between 19.00 GMT and 22.00 GMT?: Yes

Are you willing to donate to the Clan?: Yes

What role do you want to fullfill in 3PARA-GU?: I am happy to fill any role within 3PARA-GU

How did you hear about 3PARA-GU?: Online

Have you read & understand our battalion rules & regulation in the Careers Office?: Yes
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Reply #1 on: May 24, 2020, 15:45:22
- Wilki -
Your application has been seen and is under advisement.
Make sure you keep coming online on our TeamSpeak before our application is answered so our members can get to know you

Reply will be posted within 7 days.

- TS3server:
- L3 Game server adress:
- Click HERE for a guide to our Mods (ArmA3Sync)
- Click HERE for the Calender to see if we have any public scheduled events. Missions and training is only visible for those who have been accepted as recruits.

Any assistance with the above can be best achieved on Teamspeak3 ---> Tech Channel, a member will be happy to help. Teamspeak3 icon is bottom of 3PARA-GU 'Homepage'.

Discipline breeds focus, focus breeds efficiency!

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Reply #2 on: May 24, 2020, 16:22:07
Great will do! Speak to you all soon. Thanks for getting back so quickly!

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Reply #3 on: June 19, 2020, 19:48:34
You application is rejected.
Our members have not seen you on TS, and you havent been on the forums either.

If you should wish to try again, once you have time, feel free to post another application.

Discipline breeds focus, focus breeds efficiency!