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on: November 01, 2014, 17:55:34
Membership Rules & Regulations for the 3PARA-GU Battalion.
Read this information carefully to avoid mutual surprises. If in doubt, direct your questions to one of our admin or HQ members in a personal message.


- You will need a legal copy installed of the basic-game: ARMA3 Make sure your computer meets the requirements of the game.
- You will need the latest version of Teamspeak-3 for real-time in-game communication. Free available on the Internet.
- You must have a proper working microphone. It is essential to our game play. You cannot participate without it. Pilots can not fly without an active microphone. Little time on you requiring one is tolerated.
- You must be of minimum age 16. The game is rated 16+
- You are prepared to spend min. 4 hours a week on the training, the game & the battalion.
- you agree to these rules & regulations.

Battalion Regulations:

- New applicants cant be members of other clans

- New Recruits are expected to attend training in our dedicated Infantry Training Course (ITC). A minimum of 5 successful training sessions are required to become a private in our battalion. Keep in touch with the HQ & NCO on your progress and of other understandable obligations.
- Only battalion members can participate in our special missions and training. We ask you to sign in on each weekly activity, to be able to keep optimum planning & programming.
- We make our own special missions, addons/mods, unit-tactics information. All effort is done on a voluntary & nonprofit basis, in personal available time. All members are welcome to learn & teach, and to build on new material to improve our fun in team- & game-play.
- Soldiers with a min. rank of Private can put in a transfer request to there preferred role/section.
- Use the information on the forums to keep to date to our specific game play and team-tactics. You are encouraged to give feedback, suggestions and reference material to improve on this information and our capability’s.
- Involve HQ or NCO members when in trouble of any kind regarding our battalion & members, our forums visitors or supporters of the battalion. Report abuse.
- We play as a team. enjoy & enforce our game-style. Respect & work with your fellow team-members and the chain of command whilst in the game and on the forums. Behave mature & tolerant. All are expected  to behave as a good example for our battalion towards members and public guests.

Forum rules:

- The forum is our primary spot to keep you informed on our battalion. Sign in to check it regularly and post & reply. If you do not use the forum for a long time of period, your rank will be revoked.
- You are invited to use the forums to meet & greet your fellow members, share information & idea’s about the game, gather in constructive discussions. Be careful with personal information as always on the Internet.
- Use the correct section for your information. Sections have restriction rights based on ranks. Fe. use LOA (leave of absence) section to inform us of longer periods of absence.
- Use a mature attitude and avoid strong and abuse language, options, etc.
- Use proper respect and leave space for each others point of view.
- Initiatives, discussions and light foolishness is encouraged.
- Avoid trivial subjects that could be harmful in any way to our guests, members and the battalion (fe. religion, sexism, racism, etc).
- No hostility’s will be tolerated. Do not engage in illegal activity’s. Don’t spam. etc.
- Posts will be moderated to needed extend and without warning, at the administrators insight.
- Abuse can result in discharge and/or ban from the battalion/ in-game/ forums.

Weekly schedule (GMT):

Sunday          19:00   Custom made missions
Monday         –:–    Regular public Missions
Tuesday        –:–    Regular public Missions
Wednesday    –:–    Regular public Missions
Thursday       19:00   ITC/ACOY Training Missions
Friday           –:–    Regular public Missions
Saturday       –:–    Regular public Missions
(Plan based   –:–    PvP matches, others)
Watch the forums & sign-up for the next due activity.

If you don’t agree or meet on any of our rules & regulations, please do not send in your recruit application. With your recruit application, you agree that you will abide & comply to these rules & regulations.

Have fun and use the mutual game & team interest to create a optimum atmosphere.

3PARA-GU Headquarters
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