Application to join 3para

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on: September 25, 2019, 16:22:07

Full name-mark gauntier

nick name-stoner

steam profile-https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198887223619/home/



About me,i live in Nottingham with 2 kids and a wife,i used to be a chef but because of an injury i can not work anymore so have plenty of time to play arma

I will be steaming soon on ytube,i dont have much to offa outside the game

my last unit was tft8 i was in there flight school but because they usa i cant get the training i need to qualify,when they on its like midnight here and i got kids

role-pvt in crew school

I have 562hrs in arma,still new and most of that has been in helis or on the ground doing marksman/snipe,ace has been used

no discharge,i had to leave there was never anyone on when i was[time difference again]

team speak yes

4 hrs a week yes-im on normally 4-6 hrs a day practicing 

play 1900-2200 yes

donate yes but not much i got kids,they bleed you man,about a fiver a month

I would prefere to go air just because its what i been doing since getting arma but dont mind really as long as i get training and time to learn,im dyslexic,takes me a while longer to get things,but i do get it


found you on the forems and spoke to csgt,D-schmidt 

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Reply #1 on: September 25, 2019, 16:44:46
- Stoner -
Your application has been seen and is under advisement.
Make sure you keep coming online on our TeamSpeak before our application is answered so our members can get to know you

Reply will be posted within 7 days.

- TS3server:
- Click HERE for Server(s) details.
- Click HERE for our Mods/Addons.
- Click HERE for Scheduled Events.

Any assistance with the above can be best achieved on Teamspeak3 ---> Tech Channel, a member will be happy to help. Teamspeak3 icon is bottom of 3PARA-GU 'Homepage'.

Discipline breeds focus, focus breeds efficiency!

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Reply #2 on: September 25, 2019, 18:04:14
Helicopter? Did I hear helicopter? I think I heard helicopter. I like helicopters

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Reply #3 on: September 25, 2019, 18:23:56
I love helicopters,im not bad for a noob lol ill be on ts soon if anyone about

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Reply #4 on: October 06, 2019, 22:03:21
Welcome to the battalion Rct Stoner

Your application with 3PARA-GU has been processed & approved. You are now a team member on our 3PARA-GU Regiment.

You are ranked Recruit (Rct) and assigned to the ITC section (Instructor Training Course). Report for training every week.
Your visible forum name have been given the proper tags. Also you are given a according Recruit ranking badge as forum-avatar.
Wear them proudly, use them wisely.

As a recruit passed the third session of ITC, you can participate in our special home made missions on our exciting mission nights. Also check our activity calendar  regularly for scheduled activity's.
You also now have access to even more sections in our forums. Use it wisely, stay informed & entertained and inform & entertain us!
Make sure you have understood and will comply to our rules & regulations and General 3PARA Conduct.

Basic Guide to arma3sync to get our mods we are using

Please follow the following instructions once:

1. Change your Teamspeak name to:  [G-1-3] Rct Stoner [3PARA]
    TS3 server:

2. Change your InGame ARMA3 profile to: Rct Stoner.
    3PARA.GU Gameservers: (filter for 3para) Click HERE for Server details.

3. Sign-in in our battalion register (preferable including a facial picture link) which is now available to you on the forum.
     Battalion HQ > G1 Cell Personnel and administration > Battalion Register

4. Reply R&A at this post General 3PARA Conduct. Behave accordingly especially on official missions and training.

Please follow the following instructions weekly:

1. Check the training schedule for your training session & information to asap become a Private [Pte] in our battalion.
    Check the ITC area to read & ask about recruit training topics:
     PCOY, 1Plt, ACOY

2. Check the weekly scheduled mission nights to sign up for attendance. (When you have passed the third ITC session)
     Activity calendar     
     Battalion HQ > G3 Cell Operations Schedule (Missions, Training, etc)

3. Keep up to date on team planning & development on our website & forums. Read, reply & start your own post to contribute to the fun & constant development of our battalion.
     (Advice: Use regularly the "Show unread posts since last visit." at top of forum board!):
     3PARA.GU forums & website
     (Any member is required to visit our forums regularly, at least within max. 31 days, or you will be discharged automatically and Your forum account will be DELETED if no notice was received.)

Please follow the following instructions when applicable:

1. Keep your fellow members informed of any long-term absence over 2 weeks, from the game and/or forums, by posting a Leave of Absence here:
     Battalion HQ > G1 Cell Personnel and administration > LOA (Leave of Absence)

2. When you need information or help on any game or forum related issues, feel free to post it in the appropriate forum section, or talk to fellow members on TeamSpeak, or send a Personal Message to a NCO or HQ member.

Thank you for signing up. Looking forward to play together!
Have fun & share it!

Best Regards

Discipline breeds focus, focus breeds efficiency!