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on: July 22, 2010, 02:43:38
Welcome to the forums of the 3PARA ARMA Gaming Unit.

Website: www.3para-gu.com

You are invited to look around and post & reply on the sections in this forum.
Don't forget to sign up as a forum member to get access to more information.
Platoon members get even more specific information available.
Also they have access to weekly specialbuild 3PARA-missions, training and PvP matches. Enlist ay the "Recruitment Desk".

Use a mature attitude and avoid strong and abuse language, options, etc.
Use proper respect and leave space for eachothers point of view.
Initiatives, discussions and light foolishness is encouraged.
Avoid trivial subjects that could be harmfull in any way to our guests, members and the platoon.
No hostility's will betolerated.
Posts will be moderated to needed extend and without warning, at the administrators insight.
Abuse can result in discharge and/or ban from the platoon/ in-game/ forums.
Have fun and use the mutal game & team interest to create a optimum atmosphere.

Our new forum is stil under construction.
Boards and sections will change to improve and adapt to subjects & reply's posted on this forum.
Any information, errors, suggestions are welcome in http://www.3para-gu.com/forum/index.php?board=28.0

This forums was newly raised & crated 21 juli 2010, by Blade.
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