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on: September 02, 2017, 00:40:57
skipping operator and map more useful fixes is comming

3 months ago, Operation Health was deployed as a major initiative to improve the game for the upcoming years. With the launch of Season 3, we are putting Operation Health behind us with our final update in Season 3, which is our largest patch we have ever deployed. In the future, we are still keeping the core pillars to focus on game optimization, top community issues reported by the community, and improving player experience. The groundwork in Operation Health will help us to continue to improve the game for the distant future.
New Upgraded Servers Deployment

The new servers will be deployed with the launch of Season 3. These new servers bring significant improvements to stability, connectivity, FPS, rubberbanding, and overall performance. On top of the new servers, we have a new physics system in the works, which should further address issues with players teleporting and rubberbanding.
Improved Lighting When Looking From Inside To Outside And Vice Versa.

Initially, we wanted to use realistic values to have contrasted and realistic lighting, which works in the same way as a camera would in real life. Additionally, the bloom was intended to limit the effectiveness of Defenders peeking outside.
We are excited to tell you that we have completely reworked how exposure is handled on all maps, and reduced the exposure values. Bloom issues are now a thing of the past.

Sky Model Update (All maps)

We will now be using image based HDR skies. This allows us to have more artistic control of the ambient lighting, as well as increase the overall quality of lighting in general.

BDRF update (All maps)

Updates are being worked on for our shading model, also known as Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function, which calculates reflections. It now matches the same model as our external texturing tool, which improves the workflow for our artists. What this means for you is that you will see an improved reflection quality in some materials, particularly in terms of glossiness.

Data cleanup on map textures and meshes (kafe)

Over the course of the next year, we will be reworking the textures of every single map. We are starting with Kafe Dostoyevsky, our most expensive map in terms of memory-budget. We have been going through all the textures and meshes of Kafe, smoothing, optimizing, and standardizing everything we could. In essence, we are streamlining and reducing its overall memory footprint.

Optimizing Operators

In Operation health, we have done a complete pass on all of our Operators to make sure the total sum of their textures meet a consistent memory usage. This means that textures that were not adequately optimized are now remapped in the UV Mapping with greater efficiency so that they take up less amount of memory without reducing quality.

Because we’re meeting a consistent memory budget across all operators, it also meant that we could slightly improve the quality for some Operators. Lower budget Operators, like Sledge, will have a slight improvement of quality.

Hibana’s Gadget Will Now Be More Consistent.

After months of hard work, we’ve streamlined the handling of Hibana’s net objects. We started by reducing the overall number of net objects we need to monitor. By doing this, the potential conflicts between Host Authority and Local Authority timelines are reduced, and thus players will not run into the complications that result from a desync between the two.

Additionally, we’ve meticulously gone over the scenarios in which we saw other outlying issues occurring, such as pellet placement, and visual errors, and corrected those as well.
Y2S3.0 Patch Size

In the Y2S3.0 patch, we will be making some changes to how our data is organized, as well as how we generate patches moving forward. There is more information below on exactly what we are doing, and why, but we are currently looking at the following patch size breakdown per platform:
Platform   Patch Size
PC with Ultra HD   42GB
PC without Ultra HD   26GB
Xbox One   15GB
Playstation 4   15GB

The impact of this will result in a smaller overall footprint on your hard drive, taking up less space. By consolidating our patches and data players will see a reduction “seek time”, which means faster load times for all players. While it is difficult to determine an exact loading time reduction percentage for PC due to the variety of configurations, consoles will see about 10% faster loading times for matches.
Hit Registration, and High Ping

Over Season 3, we will be testing fixes and improvements that will aim to address Hit Registration issues and poor network conditions. We are currently testing something we’re calling Latency Alignment, which will make 1v1 encounters feel more consistent. The result should be that the server will more accurately mirror the reaction time of players with unstable connections, giving a fairer reaction time to their opponents.

We are also working on adjustments to our shot validation to further favor players with more stable connections. This will be a lot more punishing on shots that happen far away. There are other improvements for hit registration, headshot registration, and ping that we will be trickling into deployment.

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Carpe Diem, in mementio mori