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dogbadger [3CB]

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on: May 30, 2016, 08:20:57
Hi all

Some info about 3CB -


3CB are a group loosely based the Royal Marine component of  the 3 Commando Brigade Formation.
There are approximately 70 active members and we run  predominantly Coop based operations on Wednesday and Sunday evenings attracting anything from 30 to 50 in number
We form up as a maximum of 2 troops each consisting of up to 3 eight man sections under a company command, with ancillary armour and air asset groups as required.
Roles within sections are not fixed, and all roles are generally available to all passed out marines on a first-come first-serve basis irrespective of training, rank or experience.

We run a large custom repository of mods using arma - sync which include

ACE (including advanced medical setting)
Task Force Radio
3cb weapons/unit/vehicles/equipment
Cup terrains + a handfull of other popular 3rd party maps
plus a variety of other opfor units, vehicle and equipment mods

We run a public practically 24/7 with those mods which has a weekly rotation of missions which you are most welcome to check out.
Our mission server is pretty stable and seemed to be running comfortably within it's limits when we ran a 70+ man operation.
These servers are bikey'd

We have a 120 player capacity teamspeak server  voice.3commandobrigade.com

dogbadger http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197968271250/